Mini Hosting

Designed for Small to Medium Websites

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Mini 1
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300 /year
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    25 GB
Mini 2
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420 /year
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    35 GB
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540 /year
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Our servers are powered by Intel processors, each decked with high-performance memory giving you the best hosting experience. Our Hardware and telecommunication resources are completely redundant to the needs of our customers. We do not over-pack our servers, so you can be sure that your website will be fast performing and highly responsive. We are partnered with many reputed in web hosting sector - CloudFlare, cPanel, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, Softaculous.

Remote Weekly Backups

Website owners always have a threat of data loss or their website getting crashed. Spaceground understands this problem and offers a daily website backup solution. You can also run an on-demand backup for your website, whenever you feel a need for it.


monitoring 24/7/365

24x7x365 Monitoring

Spaceground guarantees 24/7 monitoring of your shared hosting so that your website does not get crashed sue to sudden traffic spikes. Often website owners face website crashing issues. Our team understands how frustrating it could be; that’s why we keep monitoring your website at all times of the year.

Powerful Features which Helps to Grow Your Business

Spaceground Mini Hosting is full of features. We guarantee a well monitored and fast hosting service with SSD storage, free SSL certificate, automatic updates, fast provisioning, secure emails, and much more. Spaceground also offers website migration service, which enables users to switch to our hosting plan easily.

Pure SSD Storage

Spaceground servers are powered by the industry-leading pure SSD drives. These drives are 20 times faster than traditional drives. That is why Spaceground’s mini hosting plan is the best option.

Free SSL Certificate

Spaceground provides a free SSL certificate with every mini hosting plan. An SSL certificate will improve your website ranking, customer privacy and make your website secure all over the globe.

Free Website Builder

Spaceground’s mini hosting provides automatic updates. You don’t have to worry about continually updating your website. Our system will automatically upgrade your WordPress.

cPanel Control Panel

Spaceground offers you rapid provisioning and robust hosting. It has a scalable cloud architecture which makes Spaceground’s mini hosting one of the best options in the world.

Instant Account Setup

At Spaceground, Wordpress is preconfigured by our smart systems so that you can manage your website easily. We try to make our system the best so you can manage your wordpress website easier.

Secure Email Accounts

Spaceground offers each Mini hosting plan with email accounts. Users can create multiple email addresses with IMAP/POP/SMTP accounts and the emails can be managed from any devices.

Latest PHP & MySQL

Spaceground offers website migration free of cost. If you are not satisfied with your current hosting provider, you can easily switch to Spaceground, our team will migrate your account to our servers free of cost.

1-Click Installer

Spaceground’s Mini hosting packages comes with Jetpack application, which allows you to display high-quality ads, enables auto social sharing, and much more. It also secures your website.

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

What is Mini hosting?

  • It is a robust kind of net hosting for businesses WHO have websites that require additional speed & dependableness, whether or not for a quicker page load to assist their Google ranking, to supply their customers with a faster, a lot of satisfactory browsing expertise on their website to boost sales or to host power hungry applications. It uses Solid State Drives that are the most recent, evidenced sort of quick, reliable information storage. These drives don't have any moving elements & thus perform a lot of quicker than old mechanical arduous drives.

What is Main Advantage?

  • The benefits of faster data access for your server software should be obvious but are of particular importance to modern data-driven sites that dynamically generate pages from hundreds of database queries. Currently, many websites are created with open sources web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal due to their ease-of-use and flexibility to customize the way they look with thousands of free themes and plugins. When a visitor enters a dynamic website such as WordPress, the visit triggers database queries and content access at the same time. With traditional web hosting plans that use spinning hard disk drives, access is slow due to the mechanical movement of the HDDs. To be more specific, HDDs store information on rotating disks and an actuator arm that reads the information has to move to access the stored data — physical movement takes a sizeable amount of time. With solid-state drives, data is read and written simultaneously. Therefore, the browsing experience will significantly more pleasant thanks to the reduced loading time. For eCommerce websites, loading speed is a huge factor: a slow website results in fewer sales. Customers get frustrated, abandoning the cart or site completely. You might think four seconds is a reasonable load time, but you’ll have already lost 25 percent of potential customers at that point! .

Is an upgrade possible from my current Linux Shared Hosting Plan?

  • Yes absolutely. Upgrading to a higher shared hosting plan is hassle free and our technical team can assist you with the upgrade process.

Is there any money back guarantee with the Linux Web Hosting services?

  • Yes. All of our web hosting services come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Why choose SpaceGround for your Shared hosting?

Spaceground offers the best shared hosting plans that are customizable. Each package includes a control panel which makes managing your website more accessible. Our motive is to provide you scalable operations in order to meet the growing demands of the ecosystem. If you have low budgets, but you want an excellent shared hosting provider, we are at your service. Spaceground offers the cheapest shared hosting rates in India and takes pride in having the capabilities of serving massive enterprises as well as new businesses.

Easy 1-click-installer

Spaceground’s shared hosting plan comprises of the 1-click installer which enables the users to install applications like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento and other 400 applications in a single click.

Superfast Websites

Are you tired of those page loading issues? Purchase Spaceground’s shared hosting plan and say goodbye to loading issues and hello to a superfast and high-performance page loading speed.

Website Migrations

Spaceground offers you free website migration. If you are tired of your current hosting provider and want to switch to our hosting server, our dedicated team is always ready to migrate your account to our servers for free.